Canada’s Wonderland Trip - Warning Order

Transport: Cadets are to meet at the Armoury at 1030 hrs on 28 May. Bus will depart Canada’s Wonderland at approx 2045 hrs.

Meals: Dinner is included with park entry, and includes an all-day drink wristband. Cadets should have breakfast/lunch before leaving home. Cadets may bring snacks/lunch on the bus, as well. 

Kit: Cadets should bring the following items - Sunblock, Rain jacket (if needed), Hat.

Dress: Comfortable, weather appropriate attire, and a Squadron T-Shirt.

Admittance: Passes/Wristbands will be distributed once the bus arrives at the park. Season Pass Holders must bring their card.

NOTE: Canada’s Wonderland is NOT accepting cash payment for services or food at this time. Cadets should bring some form of electronic payment, if they wish to purchase additional items at the park.