Saturday Jun 18 - CAF Day and Air Show at Borden

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Thanks to all those that signed up. Tickets have been purchased.

Please arrive at 0830 hrs (8:40 am) at the armoury for check in. You will:
1) Show the COVID screening, as per usual
2) Sign the COVID register, as per usual
3) Sign for the $12 meal allowance
4) Be provided with an entrance ticket
5) Be refunded the $15 sign up fee

There is no refund if you do not show up.

Weather looks good for Saturday, high of 18 and sunny.

Bring Sunblock, a hat, jacket, etc. Wear your squadron t-shirt and/or hoodie.

Bring additional money to purchase souvenirs or food/beverages.

You may bring snacks or lunch with you on the bus.

Expected return to the armoury is 1700 hrs (5 pm).

Looking forward to a great day out!