Cadet Field Training Uniform (FTU)

The Cadet Field Training Uniform (FTU) is also called "combats". Concerning the FTU, CATO 55-04 Air Cadet Dress Regulations states that:

"CADPAT is the current CF field combat clothing uniform. The wearing of CADPAT clothing by cadets is not permitted in any circumstances. Cadets are authorized to wear the OG107 uniform (the former olive drab Canadian Forces field uniform) during squadron survival exercises when authorized by the sqn CO. Headdress (the blue beret with the Air Cadet hat insignia, wide-brimmed tan summer hat or toque) and cadet rank slip-ons shall be worn with the OG107 uniform. OG107 uniforms obtained by cadets for sqn training shall not be taken to CSTCs;"

Cadets are not authorized to wear approved headdress or rank slip-ons in any other civilian clothes or military equivalent of the OG107 uniform, or while wearing an incomplete OG107 uniform.

Note that the OG107 uniform is not provided to cadets at public expense (except for temporary loan at CSTCs) and must be procured at the expense of the cadet. The uniform is optional. Cadets can opt to wear appropriate civilian attire instead (without slip-ons or approved headdress).

Below is a generic kit list for Field Training Uniform (FTU), at a minimum:

  • Combat shirt (OG107, surplus)
  • Combat pants (OG107, surplus)
  • Undershirt(s) (Navy blue t-shirt, same as issued at summer training)
  • Toque, Air Cadet issued,
  • Beret, air Force Blue, with Air Cadet hat badge,
  • Tan Boonie Hat (Tilley type, same as issued at summer training)
  • Cadet Wool Socks
  • Pair Black Combat Boots (NOT your parade boots)

In addition, cadets may purchase:

  • Sweater (olive drab, wool, surplus)
  • Winter jacket (OG107, surplus)
  • CF Duffel Bag, surplus
  • ALICE pack, surplus

OG107 uniform can be obtained at local surplus stores (in no particular order):