Level Training Documents

Here are the training materials for each level in the Air Cadet training program. These are free for cadet use and can be downloaded and printed as required. These are also the core sources for all Instructors to create their Lesson Plans from.


IG – Instructional Guide

QSP – Qualification Standard and Plan

Handbook – Although out of date, the Level Handbooks are very useful resources

Workbook – Used in conjunction with the Handbooks, to complete a level

Particularly helpful are the individual Handbooks for each level. Although out of date, the Level Handbooks are very useful resources.

Fast Track

Note: If you are on the "Fast Track" plan, you will need to download print the Workbook. You will then need to work through it, answering all the questions and completing the tasks, using the associated level Instructional Guide and the Qualification Standard and Plan.

Once completed, you will need to submit the Workbook to the Training Officer for review and marking. 

WARNING: The Instructional Guides (IGs) are quite large (~50 Mb) and may not load or display properly on mobile devices. 

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 Level Four  Level Five