Uniform & Dress Regulations

Uniform & Dress Regulations

Uniforms are provided to the Cadet at no charge. Cadets are responsible for the care, cleaning, and custody of the issued kit and also to return it when ceasing to be a cadet.

The uniform includes: shirt sleeved shirt, necktie, jacket (tunic), jacket belt, trousers, belt, wedge, rank slip-ons, boots, wool socks, toque, and all season jacket (with removable liner).

Cadets in uniform shall be well groomed with footwear cleaned and polished. The uniform shall be clean and properly pressed at all times. In particular buttons, fasteners, and zippers shall be kept closed.

Hair must be of natural colour. Males should not have hair touch the ears. At the back of the neck, the hair shall be evenly tapered or be clean cut. For females short hair must be neat and may not extend past the bottom of the collar, while long hair must be pulled back into a tight bun, and may be contained by a hairnet. Hair elastics, bobby pins, and hairnet should be the same colour as the cadet’s hair.

Numbered Orders of Dress

Different numbered orders of dress are worn on different occasions. See below:

  • C-1 (Ceremonial): Worn during formal ceremonies or parades; when parading as part of a guard of Honour; for church services and parades; for funerals; or, other occasions as ordered. Medals are worn with this order of dress.
  • C-2 (Routine Training): C-2 dress is worn for day to day training; routine parades; or other occasions as ordered. The dress is the same as C-1, except that the medal ribbons replace the medals.
  • C-5 (Summer Training): Worn during summer training at a CSTC. No medals, medal ribbons, pilot wings, or pins are worn with this order of dress.
  • C-8 (Mess dress) Worn during mess or formal dinners, and other occasions as ordered. Same as C-2, except that the white collar dress shirt with black bow tie replaces the shirt and tie.

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